Q: How can I Use Online booking and Payment funtion? 

  A :The new funtion for our new website is online booking/payment !it is very easy to use,

      Let's begin:

  • After you find the itinerary you want, please scroll to the bottom,you will see: 
 Departure Date  Online Booking  Note
Every TUE/FRI   
 Book Online


  • Click>>
  • The Booking Form will pop up, please fill your information and group information,make sure all information are correct
  • Read TERM & CONDITION carefully ,
  • check: I Agree
  • Click>>
  • The Information Verify page  will pop show,please check carefully, than click >>
  • You will received a email for your booking .
  • Confirmation email will sent to you with in 48 Hrs
  • Once your received the confirmation email, please click the link in the mail,to Payment
  • Please pay within 24 hrs after received email.


  • After finsh your payment , a final confirmation will sent to you within 48 Hours,
  • Travel document with sent to you at same time.
  • ready for your trip....



If you need more information, Please CONTACT US