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1.About Terms of Service

  CALGARY TOURS will do everything possible to provide you with high-quality tourism services and make the trip as planned! For reasons our of control of Calgary Tours (such as natural disasters' war 'strike' government policy or other reasons) and airlines factors (such as flight changes / Cancel). visa problems or not have minimum number and other special conditions, the Company have right to change or cancel any parts or all of the trip' and have the right to apply to customers for additional costs (such as accommodation, transport and any other expenses). where customers should not object. if due to customer's own reasons unable to attend a part or all of the trip.  the fees will not be refunded. If the customer cause safety problems or affect the rights of other customers' company staff have the right to stop customers continue their journey.The fee They pay will be refunded after deducting all related expenses.


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Calgary Tours will strictly protect the privacy of visitors and users   .without the consent of himself or his legal representative . Calgary Tours will not disclose relevant information to a third party. However, there are some special circumstances (as security reasons or public law enforcement agencies required to provide information and other similar situations,or banks required to provide relevant information to verify credit card / online transactions   ). the company will not assume any liability .

4.About Disclaimer

 Calgary Tours will try to reduce errors caused by data (such as the site itself), and any other factors affecting customers', but does not assume responsibility for their losses and legal notification   If the site content and any other 'provisions' contract' Notes' travel and other confirm documents has difference should dominated the final confirmation document

5.About the law applicable

Calgary Tours and customers and Internet users agree to comply with all the laws of Canada's jurisdiction. Any contravention of the law shall prevail and the law places. Calgary Tours reserves the right  to Provisions or change  above at any time .